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vehicle-history report alerts to fraud

Date: Apr 1, 2005
Contributor: Sam

A FEW MINUTES and a few dollars could spare you a potentially huge headache when buying a used car.

A vehicle-history report from CarFax can alert you to possible odometer fraud; reveal past fire, flood and accident damage; or tell you if a rebuilt or salvage title has been issued for the vehicle.

To access this information, provide the vehicle identification number, or VIN, which is on the top of the dashboard on the driver's side. The reports should cost $15 and the process takes about five minutes, Consumer Reports says.

GET READY FOR A NEW WAVE of car technology.

Next year's models will come with all kinds of infrared-heat detection, gyroscopic yaw sensors and miniature digital cameras, all variously monitoring and adjusting speed and direction, Fortune magazine reports. It says the reason behind the technology is simple: to make cars safer.

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Free VIN Number Search Check

Do you know where that car has been? Get it checked out before buying with a vehicle history report.

Auto VIN Numbers (short for "Vehicle Identification Number") are seventeen-digit codes that uniquely identifies a vehicle. Every truck, car, motorcycle, trailer that is built are assigned a VIN number. DMVs and insurance companies use the VIN number to keep track of each vehicle.


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