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Date: Apr 1, 2005
Contributor: Walter

Microvision Inc. announced today that American Honda Motor Company has ordered 14 Nomad Expert Technician Systems to be deployed in its 12 U.S. training centers. The centers provide training for service technicians with a wide range of skills, from entry level technicians to experienced technicians needing to keep current with repair procedures.

"We are very pleased with Honda's decision to install the Nomad System within their training facilities," said Tom Sanko, Microvision's VP of Marketing. "These facilities support the required training of technicians from Honda and Acura dealerships throughout North America. Nearly 2,000 technicians each year will be exposed to the Nomad system during their training and will experience first hand the value of hands-free access and the system's compact package and ease of operation. Establishing a presence in automotive training centers, like our Reference Account program, is part of our strategy to broaden market awareness and promote familiarity with the Nomad system."

American Honda Motor Company has a car and light truck U.S. market share of 7% with over 1,300 Honda and Acura dealerships, about 18,000 technicians, and an additional 50,000 technicians at independent repair shops across the country. Since service technicians are paid by the jobs they perform, Microvision believes that many of these technicians will want to own or lease the Nomad system to increase individual earnings potential.

The Nomad System is the world's first wearable, wireless computer with a head-worn, see-through display, providing automotive technicians and service advisors with hands-free access to online vehicle history and repair information while they work on vehicles or consult with customers. Service personnel can provide faster, more accurate service and repairs with critical information superimposed on their vision as they work.

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