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dealers look at a vehicle's history

Date: Apr 1, 2005
Contributor: Sam Donald

Online business MotorWeb hopes to tackle the latter challenge with the launch mid next year of an innovative web-based service.

It will capture sales data from across the second-hand dealer market and provide "data mining features" to let dealers track car sales and compare them against national statistics.

MotorWeb, based in Auckland, currently hosts software that lets car dealers and consumers carry out vehicle history checks and transfer ownership online.

It also provides electronic sale and purchase agreements and software to print off the "supplier information notice" cards that are legally required on cars for sale.

The data mining tools will let traders analyse their sales data, using transaction records kept by MotorWeb, and check their sales volumes and sale prices for particular types of vehicles against national statistics.

Before dealers look at a vehicle's history to decide how much to buy and sell it for, they will be able to view sales data for similar cars logged by MotorWeb.

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